Women With Edge - October 2018

Spring Racing Carnival kicks off this month and after many months of planning it doesn't need to leave you with a sore head and empty pockets, we offer you these helpful tips to reduce the financial hangover.
1. CHOOSE THE EVENT that is the right fit for you and one that you can afford. Tickets vary across all the race days, General admission tickets are affordable from $31-$89 and allow access to all general public areas with entertainment provided and food and drinks available to purchase. Dining Packages start from $190 up to $2225 and offer an all inclusive option for the day. There are pros and cons for both though it comes down to your preference and the experience you would like on the day. For more information visit https://www.flemington.com.au/tickets-and-packages/tickets
2. FASHION "Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it." —Diane von Furstenberg
All the major retailers offer curated outfits at this time of year and are a great option for every budget, they can also save you time. If you are attending several events then hiring is a great option, its worth checking out Her Wardrobe a fashion haven in St Kilda and if you live on the Mornington Peninsula Go Lightly Alternatively visit your local charity store, you might just find a little vintage number perfect for race day and you will also be supporting a good cause. We recently discovered the Facebook group Millinery and Racewear for sale - Australia, a page where you will find designer outfits from regular race-goers nationally. 3. PLAYING THE PONIES First and foremost set a budget and stick to it! Read up before you go, do some research online and make a note of your favourite horses and jockeys. Look for value and stagger your bets plus please remember to gamble responsibly.
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