What's a Financial Planner?


In order to change these statisitcs, we need to take back control of our finances. 

The first step in this process is to talk to a Financial Planner.


A Financial Planner will help you work towards your financial goals. 


There are many areas of which a financial planner can offer specialist advice, these include:

  • Budgets

  • Putting financial plans in place for life events such as babies, school fees, etc

  • Setting up and Managing Investments

  • Consolidating and Managing Superannuation

  • Personal insurance

  • Estate planning

  • Debt structure

  • Retirement strategies

  • Business' structure succession plans

  • Business continuance insurance

  • Corporate super

  • Budgets and employee education


As a team of financial planners, 'Women with Edge' can help you with all of the above and more. 

I can chat with you about your life as a whole and any upcoming financial issues you may have, 

such as planning for a new family, combining finances with a partner, an upcoming wedding, an

older parent requiring care, school fees, buying a property, looking at budgeting to save or just

taking control of your finances and knowing what you have and where you are headed!



What's involved?


Many of our clients tell us that they delay the meeting with a financial adviser, only because

they assumed that the process was going to be too time consuming and involved however,

many of our clients are surprised at just how easy it can be. To help put your mind at ease,

we have outlined our simple process on the next page... 







On average, women retire with 50% less super than men.


of families are underinsured and 65% of women's partners have no life insurance


of women will retire with inadequate savings to fund a comfortable retirement.


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