As women, we are guilty of putting ourselves behind everyone and everything else – I have two beautiful children, a husband and a growing business, trust me when I tell you that I completely understand, but it doesn’t’ always have to be that way. Women with Edge are here to help.


When I first started working as a financial advisor, I quickly realised that women (myself included) were putting their financial future on the back burner. Whether they decided it was too hard, too intimidating, too time consuming, or whether they felt too young or even too old I’m not sure, but whatever the reason it meant the following data was easier to comprehend:


  • Women's super balances ‘flat-line’ between the ages of 38-42 and 43-47

  • The average Australian woman retires with around half the super balance of the average man.

  • 77% of women rely on some form of age pension in retirement. Couple this information with the fact that the qualifying age for the Age Pension will be raised to 70 by 2035, may leave many women in some financial trouble.


What frustrated me the most about these statistics was that many women accepted these figures as a part of life – we often forgo a salary to have children and as a result, our super balance flat-lines and our retirement balance takes a hit, but what many of us are unaware of, is that it doesn’t have to be that way. The sooner you take control of your financial situation, the less likely we are to become part of the above statistics.


I have previously been awarded my licensees "Adviser of the Year", a national award for exceptional client experience, consistently strong compliance outcomes, business growth achievement and proven growth and development of people within business.

I am passionate about finance and place a strong emphasis on financial education of women. When I first started working as a financial adviser I quickly realised that women were putting their financial future on the back burner and Women with Edge was born.

MY passion lies in the financial education of everyone and ensuring that my clients truly understand not only what they have, but also what they can create. After all, with knowledge comes power to create change.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Penny x