Women are Retiring w/ 50% less Super

Yes, that's right! There are so many reasons why this happens. More women work part time, women have children and take time out from the workforce, and 95% of women do not have a financial plan!

The amount of times I've had a discussion with people about why don't we teach financial concepts, budgeting, banking, loans, investment concepts to everyone in school? Sport is compulsory at younger ages, history, geography, art classes, yet somehow daily life skills get left out?

I have no idea why a short course wouldn't be introduced to all schools and each year level learns something new. Perhaps we could start with simple bank accounts and move to investment markets in Year 12. This doesn't need to be in depth accounting analysis but a simple, how do stockmarkets work, what are the different ways of investing, why is super important?

If they told us back then, that a 2% difference in return on our super fund could mean the difference between affording retirement and not, do you think we would take a second look?

There are so many decisions we can make that change the result of our finances, maybe instead of looking back at what we didn't get, we can look forward at what we are now able to learn?

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