What's your household culture?

I have attended a few courses and talks and watched countless videos on staff engagement and team culture. Many of these start out the same and ask, what is culture? Many people tend to answer that culture is a positive outlook, a team that works together, a workplace full of engaged employees.

However, a culture doesn't have to be positive- it can in fact be the complete opposite. It can be a culture to call in sick regularly (yes, I have worked at one of these) or to place everything in the too hard bucket. In fact, not only do we have a culture in the office, good or bad, we also have one at home.

At some points in my life I have definitely lived in a spending culture and whilst occasionally it is fun (don't get me wrong) I felt that something was missing.As I have got older I realise that a culture of financial security, simple activities and communication is one that provides less drama and a base line of happiness that gives as much pleasure as an expensive bottle of champagne or handbag. Whilst one requires some discipline and thought and the other one is spontaneously fun, which one leads to long term achievement and peace?

What's your household's culture? One of spending or one of planning and knowledge?

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